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Best Secrets for Saving, and Paying for College

How to Cut Your Costs...

West Linn High School




Are You Making, or worth too much for Financial Aid?


Join us for Ways to Save;

Most families worry about the cost of higher education.  Whether your child is going to college this year, or is several years away, this class is designed to help you save money.


You Will Learn...

- Creative tactics (that don't involve scholarships) to slash costs

- Avoid jeopardizing your retirement nest egg

- An insider's view of the college admissions process

- Scholarship strategies

- Financial Aid / Loan advice

- Strategies around saving, and paying for college

michael mackelvie

Your Host:

Michael MacKelvie

Financial Planner

I turned my $53,000 a year school into a $8,000 experience.  Every year, I work with dozens of schools to show parents, and students how.