Wealth Management in Portland

With thousands of products and tools, it is no surprise that wealth management confuses many. Being fully independent, our clients benefit from having access to thousands of different options. Unlike many large firms, we do not have a specific proprietary product. As a trusted fiduciary, we believe each of our clients have unique needs, not what “our company needs”. Vivid’s open architecture allows for this

Wealth Management Services


  • Crafting a customized portfolio that aligns with each of your goals

  • Maximizing after-tax dollars through tax-loss harvesting portfolio strategies

  • IRA management

  • 401(k) management

  • Stock portfolio management

  • Bond portfolio management 

  • Non-Qualified account management

  • Custodial account management

  • Pension max strategies

  • Social security maximization strategies

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Investment advisory services offered through Cascadia Advisory Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor

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