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  • Being independent, we have no proprietary products, or incentives. Having access to the entire marketplace, we will look to find the best solutions for each individual client.

  • Coming from a planning background, we aren't just licensed insurance agents. Our primary focus is Financial Planning, which means we help with a multitude of needs (investments, estate planning, etc.). First, we will begin by understanding where the client is at, and where they are looking to go. From here, inefficiencies will be identified, and solutions will be recommended.

  • Even if it doesn't make sense to work together, we are available to answer any basic questions you might have.

5 Reasons to Opt Out
1. The Tax is Uncapped

This means the more money you make, the more you pay, unlike the Social Security tax.

2. The Benefit is Capped

Regardless of how much you pay into the system, you will receive the fixed benefit (assuming you are vested, and location requirements are met).

3. Location Requirements

You can only receive benefits in the state of Washington. If you move, you may be forfeiting your benefit.

4. Vesting Requirements

You must pay into the system for several years to qualify for a benefit, unlike most private plans.

5. Tax, and Benefit Can Change

The tax could increase over time.

How to Opt Out

To opt out of paying the tax, one must have qualifying coverage in place (or be self-employed) by November 1st, 2021. An independent advisor will be able to discuss what solutions will qualify to opt you out of the tax, potentially saving you thousands over your lifetime. 

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- Michael MacKelvie
  Vivid Wealth Creator, Fiduciary


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Series 7

Series 66

Life and Health Insurance License

Regis University, BA in Business, and Finance.

CA Insurance License #0L96564. Domiciled in Oregon.

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Trusted by dozens of universities and schools, Michael regularly teaches financial courses to the public. He is the creator of Vivid Wealth Management, and runs his practice in the Pacific Northwest. As a trusted fiduciary and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Michael is legally required to act in the best interests of his clients. Being fully independent, he is not tethered to any specific company or product, and is able to meet the needs of his clients by providing true comprehensive planning, both with investments, and insurance. If you would like to meet with Michael, register to watch our solutions video, and you will have the chance to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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Firm Overview

Vivid Wealth is affiliated with Cascadia Advisory Services, a Registered Investment Advisory firm that has been serving the PNW for over 20 years. Though Michael's practice has become primarily virtual through the pandemic, his team has grown, spanning from Washington, down to Oregon.

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Cascadia Partners, and  Michael MacKelvie CFP®

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Cascadia/Vivid Highlights

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$640,000,000+ Assets Under Management


16 Advisors


18 Years, Average Experience

Quick Tax Details


Uncapped Tax

The tax is set to .58%, and is uncapped, which means the tax will become increasingly inequitable as you earn more money due to a capped benefit. A fully vested wage earner making $1,000,000 a year will be entitled to the same benefit as someone making $40,000. 

 Lifetime Capped Benefit

If you meet the vesting requirements, you will be eligible for up to $100 a day for the new plan (365 days, or $36,500 in lifetime benefits). The benefit could adjust over time.

Location Requirements

You must live in the state of Washington to receive benefits. So if there is a chance you could move at some point in your life, you would have to move back to Washington to receive LTC benefits (or someone will need to wheel you in your hospital bed…?)

Automatic Coverage

This means the tax will become increasingly inequitable as you earn more money due to a capped benefit. A fully vested wage earner making $1,000,000 a year will be entitled to the same benefit as someone making $40,000.