Tax Planning in Portland

Perhaps one of the biggest barriers to wealth accumulation is taxes. The tax code is complex, thus creating a challenge in the form of proactive tax deferral strategies. Our advisors work with you to examine what ways we may decreases taxes, and their impact on your financial goals. This includes examining the impact and current environment of taxes today, and in the future.

Tax Planning Services


  • “Tax-Diversification” Planning

    • Building tax-deferred, and tax-free assets to allow for a more balanced, strategic approach in retirement. 

  • Income tax efficiency

    • Asset location

    • Withdrawal strategies

    • Tax-efficient strategy

    • Tax-loss harvesting

    • Tax-exempt bonds

    • Kiddie tax

    • Capital gain strategy

  • Estate and gift tax considerations and mitigation

  • Charitable strategies

  • Tax-efficient retirement income strategies

Tax planning