College Planning in Portland

As a trusted partner for dozens of local schools, we understand that planning for your child’s education, while also planning for your personal retirement can be a delicate balance. Furthermore, knowing what savings vehicles to use, and when to utilize them, may be even more challenging. There is a common belief that the state’s “college savings account” is the best, and only way to save for college. Challenging this notion: what happens if the child gets a scholarship, or does not go to school? What about the best way to qualify for college aid, such as scholarships and grants, or understanding the best aid packages? These are all important questions when saving for college. Our advisors will work to understand your specific desires for family education, then how to best fund it.

We regularly deliver an integrated workshop to help parents understand one thing: how to best pay, and plan for one of life’s largest investments: education.


College Planning Services


  • Calculation of Expected Family Contribution (EFC, this is how the government determines how much aid your child receives)

  • Maximization of Federal Aid

  • Scholarship planning

  • College Savings Strategies

    • 529 College Savings Plans

      • Prepaid Plans

      • Savings Plans

    • UTMA/UGMA Accounts

    • Education Savings Bonds (Series I or EE)

    • Educational IRAs (Coverdell)

    • Non-Qualified Accounts

    • Loans, Grants, Scholarships

    • Gifting Strategies

  • College Payment Strategies (what accounts, and when to pull money)