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Life isn't Money. Life is Wealth.

Comprehensive, independent financial planning from Michael MacKelvie, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Click the button below to schedule a free assessment, and see our difference in just a 15 minute call. 

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Why Vivid Wealth Management?

With Vivid, you are not a number, you are a personal relationship. We are not some massive financial institution who has a shelf of proprietary products, quotas, and sales tactics. We are your personal, independent guide, one that will always operate with a fiduciary standard, meaning we are legally bound to act in your best interests. We believe investment commissions create conflicts of interests, which is why we completely eliminated them from our practice. If we build you a financial plan, and/or manage your money, we will never be incentivized to sell one product over the other. The advice you will be receiving is our way of condensing knowledge into exactly what we believe is best for you.


Furthermore, we are trusted by dozens of universities and schools, regularly teaching various financial courses to parents, and kids. Operating with over 20 years in the financial planning sphere, we believe knowledge should be spread.

Vivid founder, Michael MacKelvie


"I left the large, corporate financial world because I never wanted to be pushed by a company to sell their product again. Being fully independent, I have access to the entire marketplace, and can financially plan for families and individuals with their best interests in mind."

- Michael

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Vivid Wealth Management is a trusted affiliate of

Cascadia Wealth Management, located in Portland, OR. 

Cascadia Partners, and  Michael MacKelvie CFP®

Cascadia/Vivid Highlights

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$640,000,000+ Assets Under Management


16 Advisors

18 Years, Average Experience

What We Do

As a "CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER", my role is condensing over 10,000 hours of financial experience, and knowledge into building financial plans for families, and individuals. The starting point will always be the same: where is the client at, and where are they trying to go? In any domain, one must first diagnose before they prescribe. Being independent, we don't have have any obligation other than building the plan legally in your best interests. Our advisory based model means we cannot charge commissions, as we see this as a conflict of interest. Thus, if we are managing your money, you do better when we do better.

Retirement Planning

College Planning

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Risk Management

Wealth Management

Employee Benefits Planning

Our Three-Step Process


Free Assessment

Schedule free 15 minute assessment with a Financial Advisor. This is a discovery call. Here's the premise:


- Where are you at? What questions do you have? 

- Where are you trying to go?

- Is Vivid a good fit to help you get there?


 If not, that's okay, and we will point you in the right direction. If we are a good fit, we will schedule step two.


Planning Meeting

Step two is all about defining your goals, and talking through planning concepts. Think of this as a more formal diagnosis. The mechanics of this meeting include examining current investment accounts, insurances, cash flows.


From here, the conversation will include goal setting, and preliminary illustrations or discussions around what recommendations are likely going to be given in step three.


Recommendations Meeting

In step three, we will discuss what formal recommendations we have. These recommendations will likely include:

-How we plan to manage any investments

-What insurances may make sense for you to adjust

-Where will we direct cash flows going forward, and why?


The One Constant

Change. Your finances will change. Your goals will change. Your life will change. 

This is why an ongoing relationship is so critical. Your life is busy, and unfortunately one false step or neglect in the financial world can make a massive difference for your plan. Never will you have to call into a 1-800 number for service, or questions. All clients receive direct lines to Michael, and his assistant Kimberly to have any questions answered. At the absolute latest, we will respond to any message/question within one business day. 

Furthermore, we will continually review the plan as your life flexes, and changes. With life being a constant change, we will regularly set review meetings with you to discuss what tweaks might need to be made. We are here for you. 

Schools We've Helped

Teaching his course "Best Secrets for Saving, and Paying for College", Michael was entrusted by over 20 schools in the Oregon area in 2020 alone. Additionally, his "Financial Futures" program taught over 1,000 students, completely free of charge. 

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